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As a designer, I have a deep passion to enrich human experiences. By understanding human behavior, I strive to create innovative and effective solutions to meet the needs of individuals and communities alike. My goal is to make a positive impact in the world around me. Work with the future technology and be always one step further.

I born in Argentina where I studied Audiovisual communication and worked as a producer for a couple of years. This experience helped me hone my skills in project management and leadership.

In 2019, I moved to Spain, where I started studing Frontend development and UX/UI Design. It was there when I discovered my passion for design and decided to switch my career path to UX/UI.

In 2021, I secured an internship in Utrecht, Netherlands and made the decision to move again.

During this time in The Netherlands, I volunteered as a designer for an NGO and obtained a Master's degree in Digital Design from Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Currently, I'm still living in The Netherlands and looking forward to the next adventure.

My hobbies?
  • Netflix

  • Workout

  • Travel

  • Chill with friends

  • Dance latin music

  • Drink Matcha Latte

  • ... and any new activity that appears

Places I worked

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